Learn How to Save Money with These Popular Low-Income Internet Programs

Nowadays, being online and having access to a reliable wi-fi connection is essential in today’s technological world. Many jobs require employees to have internet access at home for work. Additionally, many schools have switched to more online curriculums that require internet access for homework. 

Thankfully, there are a variety of options available that can help low-income households to afford their monthly payments for internet access.  Keep reading to learn more about popular low-income internet options.

Can discounted internet plans help you save money?
low income internet plan
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Although wi-fi and internet access can be expensive, it is more of a necessity than a luxury nowadays. Finding a discounted internet plan designed to provide low-income wi-fi access can be a good way to lower your monthly costs. Families and households that live near or below the national poverty line may be eligible for these helpful internet programs.

Unfortunately, there are no free internet options available for low-income households. Eligible households will only be able to receive varying levels of discounts depending on their financial situation and where they live. Continue to learn more about how discounted internet plans can help you save money on your monthly payments.

Eligible households may qualify to receive local internet discounts or government-level discounts including the Lifeline internet program. The Lifeline internet program provides recipients with a $9.25 discount from their internet or phone bill. However, Lifeline will not discount both internet and phone bills. Since Lifeline is a government program, the discount is available to eligible applicants across the country.

Customers for certain internet providers may qualify for provider-specific low-income internet programs such as the Comcast Internet Essentials program. Naturally, the Internet Essentials program is only available in areas where Comcast is an internet provider. However, Comcast may also offer limited services for the Xfinity low-income internet program in some other areas in the country.

Low-cost wifi and internet access through ethernet are included in most low-income internet plans available on the market. In some areas, you may have the option to choose between different low-income internet options offered in your local area. Different internet providers for low-income families will offer plans with varying internet speeds and monthly costs. 

The different types of internet plans you qualify for will vary depending on the income and makeup of your household. For example, households with school-aged children (children in grades K-12) that are qualified for benefits from the National School Lunch Program (NSLP) will be able to receive greeted discounts from local internet providers.

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