Are you concerned about how your home automation system stores your personal information? Do you have very detailed instructions for your smart devices? A Hubitat Elevation hub is the best hub for private users who have complex automation needs.

If you have several smart devices for home interactions, you can create rules, actions, and restrictions to match your needs and lifestyle with this hub. Unlike many automation systems, the interface for HubitatElevation lets you set multifaceted actions. 

Hubitat Home Automation Means Security

For example, you can set lights to turn on and music to play at a certain time with most systems. Provided you have the devices to do so, the Elevation hub lets you turn on a light to a specific color and illuminate to the sound of your favorite song as soon as you pull into the driveway.

The hub works with:

  • Google Assistance, Google Home, and Android phones.
  • Amazon Alexa and products, like Amazon Echo.
  • Devices connected by Zigbee, Z-Wave, Lutron, LAN, and Cloud

In some cases, like with Lutron brand devices, you will need additional hardware. The Hubitat website has a detailed list of compatible devices, including needed integration apps and products.

Hubitat Elevation has two issues during setup. While the device works with Zigbee and Z-Wave devices via radio waves, you must plug it into your internet router to connect devices through Wi-Fi. The second problem is the longer-than-average setup time, which takes around 30 to 45 minutes. 

Although devices will continue to work without an internet connection, you will need to go online to register your hub. The company added a smartphone app to their initial web browser for easier setups. 

You can set automations once you register your hub and add devices. The company ensures reliable privacy of personal data, and you can secure your Hubitat hub with a password. This security can also prolong the time it takes to add devices. 

The complex setup is not for the technologically challenged, so look for a simpler system if you just have a few light bulbs and plugs. However, you can write your own apps and drivers if you are tech-savvy. 

Hubitat Elevation is less than $130 as of writing. This is one of the cheapest home automation systems. 

Did the technologically advanced Hubitat hub scare you away from automation? Other systems have all the bells and whistles with professional installation. Find out what automation system has a hands-off setup and is extremely easy to use.